Technical Assistance

A website or application needs technical support. For the website to maintain its proper and secure presence on the internet, it should be upgraded with the latest software versions. If it is not upgraded, it will risk falling victim to hackers to introduce malicious links and scripts. After a breach of security on your website, things start to work backward with exclusion from the search engines, navigation malfunctions by the users who visit the page, etc. You also need support in setting up your mailbox and creating your corporate emails because passwords can be intercepted on them. We provide technical support for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, and any other known or custom platform.

Web Dr. can provide you with immediate support with or without a support contract.

Listed below are the work we provide for the technical support of contract websites:

  • Setting up a DNS server
  • Website transfer to another hosting provider or another server.
  • Update and upgrade your system (CMS) or software to cover security vulnerabilities and other issues.
  • Weekly inspection of the website for its smooth operation.
  • Telephone support for any problem or question you have on working days and hours.
  • Remote access if needed to the client’s PC to solve problems.
  • Correction of any software and application errors where and when they are detected to improve the website’s functionality.
  • Daily Backup of the website
  • Minor interventions in code if deemed necessary for the operation of the website
  • SSL installation
  • Install a new domain name or create a subdomain
  • Creating new email addresses and installing them on the client’s PC (outlook, thunderbird, etc.)
  • Layout changes concerning the template or modules
  • Add content (texts, images, etc.)
  • Modify menu items, categories, products.
  • Modify fonts, colors
  • Creation, monitoring, and analysis of website statistics.
  • Online training.
  • Customization of programs or applications contained on the website
  • Custom code development.
  • Increase website speed
  • Settings and support for your emails and protection with SPAM filters and antivirus protection.

What do you earn?

  • Website operation without problems
  • Core system upgrade to the latest versions
  • Improved ranking of your website in search engines
  • Add material such as photos, texts, videos to your website
  • Website visual changes, improved appearance
  • UX enhancement for better navigation & conversion experience
  • Change – conversion of a website into an online store when deemed necessary
  • Website security and better performance
  • Immediate service and problem solving