All you need is a digital push

We provide web design services – eshop and digital marketing for companies and individuals.

Web Designing

E-shop Construction

Creation of a Corporate Identity

Social Media Marketing

S.E.O., Google Analytics, Google Ads

Technical Assistance

Web Dr. is a team that, with its experience and specialization and the aid of new technologies, offers what every business needs to reach and exceed its goals.

Our services include everything a business needs to have a successful online presence.We divide our services into two main sectors:

In the field of development and design (web development), we provide services for the construction of websites, reconstruction of websites, construction of online stores – Eshops.

In the field of marketing and general promotion of the project, we provide comprehensive web promotion strategies with services such as local marketing (Google My Business), ads in Google Ads and SEO techniques, Social Media Marketing, and Development on the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, et al.

Our team covers every technological need of our customers. We undertake projects of lesser as well as increased complexity in the whole range of our services. We recognize that every business is unique and needs it, so we take on custom projects that require specialized design and unique study

Why choose us?

Expertise & aesthetics

We offer a unique combination of expertise and aesthetics that will skyrocket your business.


Our experience on the internet and our innovative ideas are features that our customers trust every day for their success.

Highest possible ranking

We do not promise you the “first place” in Google or Yahoo search engine ranking, as the algorithmic search engines cannot guarantee this. However, we can promise you that we will apply the correct methodology to achieve your website’s best possible ranking performance, choosing an SEO strategy that meets your specific requirements.

Realistic prices

We provide realistic prices, affordable and tailored to your needs, without sacrificing the quality and value of our services. This is because our customers are our priority, and we try to give them the best possible financial offer without degrading the quality and the results they want.