Web & Digital

Digital solutions adapted to the modern era and the needs of your business!

Web Dr. team, with its experience and specialization and the aid of new technologies, offers what every business needs to reach and exceed its goals, evolve on the internet, and stand out from its competitors.

Website Development

The Web Dr. team, as Internet Experts, undertake the construction of your business website based on simplicity, functionality, and the ability to turn visitors into future customers. Through easy navigation tailored to your corporate identity, your website will be the tool of your business, so you will be able to achieve your goals and have a dynamic presence on the internet.

Corporate Identity

We undertake the design of your business logo, the card, and the complete file representing your business.

Technical Assistance

We provide the best technical support ensuring that your website enjoys top performance and security, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the future of Marketing, and we at Web Dr. provide you all the services to grow on the internet.

S.E.O., Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Content Management, and many more…

We have all the modern tools, at your disposal, for the digital promotion of your brand and products aiming only at your success!

Why choose Web Dr.?

Expertise & aesthetics

We offer a unique combination of expertise and aesthetics that will skyrocket your business.


Our experience on the internet and our innovative ideas are features that our customers trust every day for their success.

Highest possible ranking

We do not promise you the “first place” in Google or Yahoo search engine ranking, as the algorithmic search engines cannot guarantee this. However, we can promise you that we will apply the correct methodology to achieve your website’s best possible ranking performance, choosing an SEO strategy that meets your specific requirements.

Realistic prices

We provide realistic prices, affordable and tailored to your needs, without sacrificing the quality and value of our services. This is because our customers are our priority, and we try to give them the best possible financial offer without degrading the quality and the results they want.

Stages of Construction

Project update

Website construction process. In the first meeting with our clients, we record all the project requirements. At the same time, we discover more about your business, your values, your goals, etc., so that we can develop strong communication bonds and offer you a custom service made to your measures and goals. The first communication helps us to create the appropriate project strategy.

Business needs recording - Collection of material.

At the end of our first meeting, we record your priorities for building a solid business plan. Then, we create a smooth path to success by achieving small goals, allowing a well-structured result that covers the original goals.


The creative department undertakes the project’s design. After that, at the completion of the process, the creative team presents the visual material and then goes through a review. Thus, through the design process, we end up in the design, where based on the final plans, we proceed to the implementation of the project.

Implementation & Development

At this stage, all the specifications of the website development are recorded, the image of the final result has been designed, and the developers take on the task to bring it to life.

Website Publishing & Additional actions

Your eshop or website is ready. At this stage, you have the opportunity to set the goals of exposure and promotion since the project is complete.